Fraud management

Online fraud prevention is an essential part of risk management, maximising your completed transactions and protecting your customers.

Secure Trading Financial Services can provide you with a range of sophisticated online fraud prevention measures:

Secure payment gateway

Through Secure Trading you can implement an online payment gateway with the added benefit of Protect Plus, a sophisticated fraud prevention system. It allows you to set bespoke rules to prevent fraudulent transactions, and collect valuable data for informing future practice.

Security consultancy

Through Cognosec we can offer a range of services to improve your cyber security levels:

  • Assurance services – penetration testing, application security testing, information systems audit
  • Security solutions – data leakage and loss prevention, security monitoring, application security, incident response, network security
  • GRC services – compliance gap assessment, risk assessment, information security management

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Our additional services

As your business grows, your ecommerce offering should too. Secure Trading Financial Services offers a range of additional solutions to help your business.