Getting started

Setting up a brand new online business? Already established but moving into the ecommerce world for the first time? Or just looking for a new acquiring solution? Secure Trading Financial Services is here to help.

What do I need to accept payments online?

  1. Merchant services – you need to set up a business bank account for ecommerce, which gives you an internet merchant ID, or MID. Merchant services are provided by acquirers – and Secure Trading Financial Services is an acquirer with speed and simplicity at its core. With one single online application you can get approved for your MID in as little as 48 hours.
  2. Payment gateway – an interface that takes your customers’ payment details and passes them to your acquirer for approval. Once you are approved with Secure Trading Financial Services, our sister company, Secure Trading, can provide you with the most secure and reliable payment gateway around, with a 100% uptime record.
  3. PCI DSS compliance – you must meet Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards. Cognosec, another UC Group company, is a PCI DSS and cyber security specialist, and can guide you effortlessly through the required steps.

Why choose us?

Speed and simplicity
Our automated application process  has been designed to make it incredibly easy for you to get started. You complete a single online form and we take care of everything else. Unlike other acquirers, our signup process has been designed with unity and simplicity from day one.

Payments pedigree
Secure Trading Financial Services is a new and innovative company – built on a foundation of deep ecommerce expertise. We’re part of the UC Group, founded in 1999 to offer specialist payments services to online businesses. Our sister companies include payment processor Secure Trading and security and compliance specialist Cognosec.

Secure Trading Financial Services offers a complete merchant services solution in one package. If required, acquiring, payment processing and regulatory compliance are all handled by UC Group companies, meaning more efficiency and transparency for you.

Our additional services

As your business grows, your ecommerce offering should too. Secure Trading Financial Services offers a range of additional solutions to help your business.