Following four years of development, WebBoss was launched in 2013, and over this period of time the system grew to meet a large range of demanding requirements by the users of the system. As each new need was met it was built into the system so every user would benefit, and now five years after it began, we believe (and our research seems to confirm it!) that WebBoss is the most comprehensive and powerful Content Management System on the market.

Part of the the initial remit of WebBoss was ease of use, so alongside its CMS capabilities, it was essential it had a powerful design editor making it the ultimate website creation tool that can build any size and type of website without coding or HTML knowledge. However these technical skills can be used for enhanced creativity by using WebBoss in its advanced mode.

The Content Management System, the design editor and the vast array of built in modules means that WebBoss can create complex bespoke websites in a matter of hours instead of in many cases, several weeks.

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