Shopware 5 is one of the most impressive eCommerce platforms on the market. The sophistication of our system lies in the ability to effortlessly support vibrant ecosystems. This can be seen in the involvement of our expanding Community, who see the value of openly sharing ideas and fostering creativity. This expansive family is comprised of thousands of members, developers and more than 1,200. partners from all corners of the world. Without this foundation, Shopware would cease to be. Aside from contributing to the 2,000 plugins already in our Community Store, every day our invaluable Community lends their talent to the betterment of our open source product.

About Secure Trading Financial Services

Secure Trading Financial Services is a new kind of acquirer. We’re licensed across Europe and offer end-to-end merchant services that help your online business grow. With our paperless application process you can be approved for an internet merchant ID (MID) in a matter of hours and start accepting payments immediately.

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