We offer membership to all businesses located globally.

Our website acts as a support platform, allowing us to provide optimum support as well as networking opportunities and numerous methods of generating income streams for our Members.

Through networking, our Members can generate healthy incomes by giving away “Membership Discount Tokens” to their contacts, all tracked by our unique online software and monitored by our Members via their online Control Panel.

Our Members can also earn commissions by displaying the I.B.A. logo on their websites, or apply to “Partner Us” for healthier financial rewards.

We also offer various additional membership benefits, also accessed via our Member’s Control Panel.

Setting all financial benefits aside, the greatest benefit is the credibility your company will attain with membership.

We also offer a “Work from Home” scheme that allows individuals to become “I.B.A. Agents”, it is financially rewarding and requires no sales or customer service calls, as all activities are conducted online via our Agent’s Control Panel.

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About Secure Trading Financial Services

Secure Trading Financial Services is a new kind of acquirer. We’re licensed across Europe and offer end-to-end merchant services that help your online business grow. With our paperless application process you can be approved for an internet merchant ID (MID) in a matter of hours and start accepting payments immediately.

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