The technology behind eFiling started life in the company formation sector in 2002, as the online platform behind the company registration agent Quick Formations that won a number of awards for Innovation in Technology. In January 2008 that technology was transferred into a new company, eFiling, to independently bring it to market. A few years later the company Quick Formations was sold to enable the management team to solely focus on the technology without any conflicts of interest.

What is eFiling?

eFiling is a comprehensive technology platform dedicated to making the company formation industry more streamlined and profitable. We achieve this by;

  • Automating almost every aspect of being a Company Registration Agent
  • Identifying and maximising on upsell opportunities for our clients
  • Securing key partnerships to increase income for our clients
  • Always being at the forefront of industry trends and knowledge

We’ve never lost a single client due to poor service.

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About Secure Trading Financial Services

Secure Trading Financial Services is a new kind of acquirer. We’re licensed across Europe and offer end-to-end merchant services that help your online business grow. With our paperless application process you can be approved for an internet merchant ID (MID) in a matter of hours and start accepting payments immediately.

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